For standalone publishing. Stories must be between 6,000 and 12,000 words (please don’t ask to submit something outside these limits). Original or reprint (if last printed three or more years ago). 50-50 net for direct eBooks 25-25-50 net for Amazon eBooks (two stories will be bundled to deal with Amazon’s nipple twisting revenue structure) and limited chapbooks. No advances. If original, one-year exclusivity, if reprint, I ask that you do not resell/reprint for one calendar year. Horror, crime, monster adventure, dark sci-fi or fantasy (please no cop dramas, no high fantasy, no space opera, no misogynistic crap, no racist junk, no Nazis (good or bad, they’re boring), no xenophobic garbage, and no battlefield tales… unless against dinosaurs or robots or monsters or bugs). Simultaneous submissions are okay. Submit no more than one story at a time. Submit no more than twice per open period.

Open until full. Hope to announce all titles in December 2018.